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Optical Shop

Our optical shop offers a wide range of eyewear to fit everyone’s personality and budget. From designer frames to affordable lenses, our optician will find the perfect glasses for you. We want to give you the best possible vision and look your best in your new glasses. Our lenses are custom made to our specifications at the top six labs in the country. Our lens coatings are made to last and provide protection from UV light and glare. We carry all types of contact lenses, including gas permeable, toric and daily wear disposables.


We offer the following eyeglass brands:


Cazal, Juicy Couture, Caviar , Carrera, Fendi, Bolle, Silhouette, Lucky Brand, Vera Wang, BCBG, and more….


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Children’s Glasses



Children often complain of headaches and having a hard time reading the board at school. If your child has expressed any of these complaints, they need an eye exam as soon as possible. Make an appointment for your child’s annual eye exam and if your child needs glasses, we have plenty of options available.