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When you have cataract surgery you now have a choice of which lens implant to use in your eye. The standard lens will focus at only one distance requiring you to wear glasses for all other distances. When you choose the Crystalens™ you will have a better range of vision without glasses because the lens can change focus naturally. Dr. Segal is pleased to offer his patients the newest lens implant technology, the Crystalens™ .


crystalens-72dpiWhat is the Crystalens™ ?

The first and only FDA-approved “accommodating” intraocular lens. The Crystalens™ automatically moves forward and backward with the eye’s internal focusing muscle to help patients focus naturally at all distances after cataract surgery.


In conventional lens implant surgery, which has been the standard treatment for cataracts for many years, the surgeon implants a fixed focus plastic or silicone artificial lens. This lens allows the patient to see well only at distance. For reading or intermediate distance vision, patients would require a pair of eyeglasses to see.


How well does the Crystalens™ Work?

 In FDA clinical trials Crystalens patients enjoyed life-changing benefits. More than 98% of patients who received Crystalens implants in both eyes had uncorrected visual acuity of 20/30 or better at distance without glasses, and could read 6 point type on a medicine bottle. Also, 92% had distance visual acuity of 20/25 or better.



In these studies 93.8% of patients surveyed said they could perform most daily activities without glasses. Glasses are not always eliminated, but they are required much less than with standard lens implants which make no attempt to give a range of good focus.



The Crystalens™, is an advanced focusing implantable lens that helps you see clearly far away, at arms length, and up close, without being dependent on glasses or contact lenses.


Enjoying life to the fullest means being able to see your surroundings at all distances, and that requires constantly changing focus. As we grow older, our ability to continually change focus begins to diminish as the normally clear and flexible lens in your eyes becomes rigid and hazy. Limited focusing ability means that you gradually lose the ability to see clearly, especially up close, without using reading glasses or bifocals.




The Crystalens™ is implanted after the removal of the cataract lens using the same technique used in standard modern cataract surgery. Your surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, with eye drop anesthesia, and you can resume your normal work and recreational activities within a few days.

Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Segal to see if the Crystalens™ is right for you.